Introducing: Author Sharon Sterling

September 15, 2012

   Hello, Readers.   I’d like to share some ideas, opinions and some deeper thoughts about life.  I’ll share my ideas about current events, about the challenges of being an author, and just about anything else that strikes our fancy.  This blog will be free of profanity, insults and other negative sputterings. Here is a brief bio for background:


     I was born in Colorado, the youngest of four siblings. Some of my father’s family lived in Colorado, but more relatives lived in Oklahoma and Missouri. Family stories had it that our great-grandmother (on mother’s side) was full-blooded Cherokee Indian. That heritage fostered my interest in Native Americans, and a particular love and respect for the Hopi, of north-central Arizona. However! Very recently, a DNA test, done by revealed NO Native American blood, and no other particularly exotic heritage at all. Sigh.

I received a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona and a Master of Social Work degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. For the past thirty years, Arizona has been my home. As a licensed, clinical social worker, I worked in the mental health field for more than twenty years and am currently a psychotherapist.

My desire to write culminated in my first novel, The Well, which became the first book of three which I call the Arizona Thriller Trilogy. The second novel is Fatal Refuge, published in 2016. The third psychological thriller, Apache Refuge, is in progress.

A mystery or thriller novel is often called a “who-done-it.”  Rather than who, I am far more interested in why the person did it. I create my novels to reflect a deep understanding of motivation and character. My goal with the Trilogy is to describe geographical settings imbued with the many moods and flavors of the Southwest.

Sharon Sterling



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