January 5, 2016

And I’m not talking about bridge or pinochle, I’m talking about Donald Trump, who I fear will be the Republican candidate for our next President. His bigotry, stupidity and crudeness aside, I would never vote for him because he is Big Business personified. So what’s wrong with Big Business? Big Business seeks to rule the world without regard for merit or moral principles. It’s bottom line and cherished goal is simply profit, at anyone’s and everyone’s cost. Much of Big Business today is simply Capitalism run amok. When unrestrained by law it can be as vicious and virulent as the other end of the political spectrum, Communism.
A case is point is the rule of Pol Pot, the communist ruler of Vietnam who slaughtered millions of his own people for Communism’s bottom line. As stated above, the focus of Big Business is profit by any means, no matter how perverted and unjust. Take, for example, the CEO of a drug company who very recently raised the cost of a life-saving drug by five hundred percent, putting it out of reach of any but the very wealthy. I agree with the assessment of one psychiatrist who said that the great majority Continue reading

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