9780996940801_cov.inddPreview — Fatal Refuge

An old, Wild West town, Yuma, Arizona is once again home to murder and mayhem in this present-day mystery/thriller, Fatal Refuge. A beautiful and troubled Apache woman, Kim Altaha, her search-and-rescue dog Zayd and psychotherapist friend Allie Davis find themselves embroiled in a set of grisly killings.

What happens when a mentally ill woman dubbed the “Peace Poet” and a clinically sane but morally deranged killer meet? Between pages and among lines of suspense, a romance blooms, a friendship deepens and lives are transformed by both cowardly and heroic acts.

Action rushes from nearby Kofa National Wildlife Refuge to Yuma Proving Ground then dashes for the Mexican border while a severed head and a top-secret, drone-mounted laser weapon complicate the horror.

The Colorado River, an infamous “casino” and Yuma’s Old Town barrio are unique, historic settings for encounters between the players in this intense drama. The action keeps churning and psychological motives emerging until the end, when readers will know why as well as “who done it!”

Happy reading!

– Sharon Sterling


Purchase your copy of Fatal Refuge on Amazon today: currently rated 4 1/2 stars (out of 5) by readers.

Readers’ reviews: “I enjoyed the psychological elements of this murder mystery. . .Great story with an atypical protagonist. . .Sharon paints beautiful pictures of the deserts of Arizona. . .This is a great book.”