A Killing at Lynx Lake

Book 3 in

The Arizona Thriller Trilogy

Preview — A Killing at Lynx Lake

     An innocent woman is brutally murdered in a rustic Old West city known as “everybody’s hometown.”  Prescott, Arizona is the backdrop for this present-day mystery/thriller, where three suspects leave the police stumped.  An older woman with memory problems might solve the case, if only….

     Psychotherapist Allie Davis teams with her friend and a search and rescue dog to find the killer and restore a troubled man to his family.Prescott’s Lynx Lake, Watson Woods, and world-famous Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University are action venues in this fast-paced drama.  The killer endangers a three month old baby and a Native American elder while Allie and friends try to track him down with information from a computer and an electronic wrist gadget . In a conclusion that takes the reader by surprise, a deadly confrontation erupts between the players, local wildlife and the search and rescue dog.

Here’s what a reader said in her review on Amazon:

“Loved Loved Loved It

Great story telling. Kept me guessing until the end. I liked the lead character. She is strong and doesn’t take any lip from anybody. Police included. Couldn’t put it down…Can’t wait to read more….”